Rechtsanwalt Waldemar Haak

Fachanwalt für Familienrecht


Family law office in Cologne city

Att. at Law (Germany) Waldemar Haak

Please feel free to contact us about an appointment. We are specialized in cases, in which clients from abroad got "stranded" in Germany and need advice or a lawyer to represent their interests in the legal field of Family Law. We will file for divorce, obtain child support and alimony and clear up your financial situation for you.

The German family law can be quite complicated and especially matters of alimony / spouse support should not be agreed upon without help from a specialized lawyer.

We also can advise you on obtaining the German citizenship and on your staying / visa situation after the divorce and on welfare benefits, if necessary. 

To arrange an appointment with Mr. Haak, please call 0049-221-35501755 or send us an email with your mobile phone number to  mail(at), we will call you back.